Updated Object Versioning Status Requires Clear Cache

Aaron Hayon asked on December 11, 2014 18:27

I am currently working on a site that includes several developers and content editors. We have noticed that we are not able to see the updated status of some pages unless we go to system->clear cache. For instance, I will contact one of my coworkers because the page is checked out to them. They check the file in and regardless if I do a ctrl F5 to refresh my browser content, it keeps showing them as having the page checked out. The only way it updates if I go to System and select clear cache.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Virgil Carroll answered on December 12, 2014 04:21

Have you checked your Kentico cache settings under Settings > System > Performance? Sounds like maybe someone upped the caching which could cause this issue. You have multiple types of caching that could look at including server, client-side and output caching. You can try turning off caching completely to test and see if that fixes the issue. It will cause some definite performance

I would also check the System page to see if you see a large amount of cached items, memory usage or garbage collection. Those could indicate an issue.

Lastly I would check the event logs to make sure the page is actually getting checked in and there isn't any issue on that side or potential other errors that could give you an indication what is going on.

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