Updated Localization String , change does not reflect until post code to IIS folder

enterprise procurement asked on December 18, 2018 19:44

When I update an existing Localization string for any language, the change does not reflect until the code base is pushed to both load-balanced nodes. There is no code change involved, so technically a code push is not needed. I cleared cache in the Debug module, restarted the site and restarted IIS. None of these help.

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David te Kloese answered on December 20, 2018 10:02


Any errors in the Event log? Do other type of changes do show up right away?

Have, and if so how have, you configerd the use of Web Farms? As some of the Caching might not be pushed to the other node if you haven't enabled or configured it correctly?


If all is set up check if there are any Web Farm tasks blocked or giving an error!

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