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Mike Bilz asked on January 2, 2020 23:57

Hello Kentico Team,

I have a calendar widget that uses a simple repeater to list events matching a certain Where condition. A change was made to the URL the repeaters where pulling from, and the widgets stopped working. I changed the URL Path field inside the widget application, but this does not seem to update any of the widgets that are already deployed on the site.

The URL Path field is not displayed on the editing form of the widget, and changing the field to "display" within the widget application has no effect even on new instances of the widget.

Is there a way to update the widgets that have already been deployed? Or a way to override which fields are shown in the editing form temporarily so that I can make the necessary updates manually?



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David te Kloese answered on January 3, 2020 10:09

Unfortunately Widget configurations are stored on each individual page they are used on. This is done in an XML format, making querying and updating them in bulk pretty hard.

Depending on what is stored (always same value? property name?, etc...) you could try to SQL-script it directly on the DB (don't do this on production, and always create a back-up!), or create a custom module that loops through them.

Using SQL script is also a good way for just identifying how many (and which) pages you need to update so you can do it manually.

Whit regards to the property being visible, each property should be able to made visible on the editing form. Can you share the settings? for that property? Does it have depending fields rule, what is the control used? Any Macro's on the visible setting?

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Mike Bilz answered on January 3, 2020 19:08

Yeah, that makes sense, and I sort of figured that that would be the case.

Thank you for the lead on the property visibility. The property itself was visible, but the "category" it was in was hidden. Getting that sorted out will at least allow me to update the instances manually.

Thanks again.


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