Unable to access http://localhost/kentico9/ - Getting Error HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden

Sandhya Nair asked on March 4, 2016 14:22

I am trying to explore Kentico 9 for one of our clients. I have run the setup on my localhost. I have the website hosted on my IIS. But to run Kentico 9 i need port. What should i do to access the site without a port

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Bryan Soltis answered on March 4, 2016 18:16

Are you sure your IIS is set up correctly? The 403.14 error is an IIS error where the directory may not have the correct settings / permissions. This guide may help you find out what settings you need to update:


  • Bryan
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Dennis Hulsmans answered on March 9, 2016 14:56

Did you install IIS corretly via programs & features > turn windows features on or off > internet information services. Otherwise you are running the website in an IIS Express version, which usually runs on a port (8000 or 8080 I think)

KR, D.

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