Unable to access A/B testing in Kentico 13

Matthew Butler asked on June 28, 2023 13:05


I’m looking to evaluate the AB testing in Kentico 13, I’ve checked the enable online marketing and A/B tests. I’ve added the code to the startup.

I have Ultimate license on my dev admin and base on my client site.

But I’m not seeing the A/B button on the pages application, or the A/B Test in the menu. (The page has page builder feature enabled)

I'm a Global Admin

Any thoughts?

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Liam Goldfinch answered on June 28, 2023 16:02

If you've followed the set up instructions fully, then I'd imagine it is a problem with the license.

I believe A/B testing is an Enterprise tier feature, so using Base/Ultimate is probably the problem.

If you're a Kentico Partner, you can generate development licenses here https://partner.kentico.com/Benefits/Development-license, if you don't have access to that you can maybe contact the Kentico Sales Team and they might be able to provide an evaluation key.

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