Trigger BizForm autoresponder manually in Kentico 10

profound Team asked on October 4, 2017 15:50

How do you manually send a BizForm autoresponder email in Kentico 10?

Previously in Kentico 9 you had access to the CMS.OnlineForms.BizForm class which had the SendConfirmationEmail method, but in Kentico 10 this class doesn't exist anymore. I've had a dig around what classes we have access to inside the CMS.OnlineForms namespace but cannot see any replacement?

Was this BizFrom class moved into another namespace?

Correct Answer

Matt Nield answered on October 4, 2017 18:13

Look in CMS.OnlineForms.Web.UI. In there you can find the BizForm class and the SendConfirmationEmail() method.

(just to be clear - it's in CMS.OnlineForms.Web.UI.dll)

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