Translating Page Builder Content with Google Translate on Page save

Michael Legacy asked on March 2, 2021 23:05

Hey there, bit of an "is this possible" question here. So I know I can tie into page save events via Kentico's events library, and I should be able to trigger the Google translation after each save. As for the page builder content, that get's kinda hairy. We've used Google translate before, and it works great for "Content" tab items, but we had to build a custom Translate Action Filter to translate page builder content on the fly. Now, this is a site with very few pages and generally that keeps translation costs low.

The site we are currently scoping translation for has 2000 pages, and many many page builder widgets that are content-heavy and is a fairly highly trafficked site. We fear the bill they would get monthly if they need to translate page builder content on every page load. Other than hacky solutions like using the Page save event to pull the pure JSON from the "DocumentPageBuilderWidgets" column, translating that and the re-inserting into the database, are there any known ways to pull this off?

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Brian McKeiver answered on March 3, 2021 16:58

Yeah, the official stance in both 12 and 13 is that content added and displayed through page builder widgets is not processed by the translation services or included in the resulting translation data with Xperience.

You really are down to pulling the JSON content out of the widgets and crafting your own request to the external translation service.

Wish there was a better answer.

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