Transformation problem

Targutai Yesugei asked on October 3, 2017 08:15

Hello. I tried to create transformation for my rss feed, and i ended with following

  <title><%# Eval("ContentTitle") %></title>
  <link>{% Object.Aliases.FirstItem.AliasURLPath %}</link>
  <description><%# Eval("Summary") %></description>
  <pubDate>{% Object.DocumentPublishFrom %}</pubDate>
  <guid>{% Object.NodeGUID #%}</guid>

Title and description works perfectrly, but other fields displays something like

{% Object.Aliases.FirstItem.AliasURLPath |(user)administrator|(hash)e57636ec8f92f6dd4fa806769bf63643deda48f482de08a8ae8dd8d77bc21aa7%}


{% Object.DocumentPublishFrom |(user)administrator|(hash)bc93403a587b8103473e364a1be3c29c134ff33f9f238517f920eca2978928c8%}

Can you help me with advice how should I edit my transformation? Thanks in advance!

Correct Answer

Jan Hermann answered on October 3, 2017 08:54

Hi there, you are mixing two transformation codes together (ASCX and Text/XML). If the title works you are using the ASCX type, so you need to stick with the <%# %> syntax:

  <title><%# Eval("ContentTitle") %></title>
  <link><%# Eval("AliasURLPath") %></link>
  <description><%# Eval("Summary") %></description>
  <pubDate><%# Eval("DocumentPublishFrom") %></pubDate>
  <guid><%# Eval("NodeGUID") %></guid>
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Targutai Yesugei answered on October 3, 2017 09:32

Jan, thanks a lot!

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