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Martin Shin asked on May 31, 2015 22:14

Dear community. I need your help. Let me describe my question in details. I want to send Orders to my clients. I use email templetes called like as "E-Commerce - Order notification to ...". Every template uses ContentTable.ApplyTransformation("Ecommerce.Transformations.Order_ContentTable", "Ecommerce.Transformations.Order_ContentTableHeader", "Ecommerce.Transformations.Order_ContentTableFooter")

for order generation. Kentico generates order in column and places every product option at new string, like this:


  • Product Option 1
  • product option 2
  • product option 3

and etc. This if feature not needed to me. I want to see product options in one string. Like this: SKUname Product Option 1 Product Option 2 and etc.

I working with Ecommerce.Transformations.Order_ContentTable placed in E-Commerce - Transformations

I tried place code in appropriate <td> like this {% if(!IsProductOption) {Localize(SKUName)} %} But Kentico places product Option in new row every time. I don't know why developers do it so non-logic. I tried define global variable like this code:

<script runat="server">
public string Var1 { get; set; }

  {%  if(IsProductOption){
Var1 = HTMLEncode(SKUName);

And in appropriate <td> I try to return this variable like as: {% if(!IsProductOption){Var1} #%} But this is doesn't return anything! If I delete condition and place variable "as is": {% Var1 %} I can get result! If I change condition to {% if(IsProductOption){Var1} #%} I can get result also, but in new row!!!!

What happened? Why I can't get result if condition gets true? Can anybody explain me what I do wrong?

I use Kentico 8.2.10


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Martin Shin answered on June 1, 2015 12:23

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