tranformation pulls pagetype unique identifier column

kyle shapiro asked on January 15, 2016 23:08

Hello devnet. Each pagetype has a unique identifier that you get to name upon creating the pagetype. It is a primary key that auto increments from 1. I would like to reference this column from an ascx transformation. <%# eval("fieldName") %> works for all field names with the exception of the primary key field. What does my transformation need to return the value in a primary key field named "MyField"?

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Zach Perry answered on January 15, 2016 23:38

What webpart are you using to display the transformation? If you are using a custom query make sure the ID column is returned in the query. If you are using just a repeater I would make sure the ID column is listed int he columns field.

You can turn on SQL debugging to see what queries are running to verify that column is returned.

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kyle shapiro answered on January 15, 2016 23:43

Thank you Zachary! I had forgotten that this was in fact a query repeater, and not a normal page repeater. Once I included the PK field in my query, it resolved correctly. Thanks again.

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