The site contains some documents of culture 'es-CZ' . Culture can not be unassigned

Neelesh Malvi asked on March 11, 2014 14:40

Hi, How to unassign culture of created document?

I have created pages in content section of CMSDesk and name of the pages are "Home" and "Search". After this, i have added one or more cultures like spain, Dutch and CZech and assign each to the home and search page(Translated in Dutch and Czech culture) . But some how i want to delete Czech and Dutch culture as my site is only belonging to Spain. When i am trying to delete it gives me following error...

" The site contains some documents of culture 'es-CZ' . Culture can not be unassigned"

I want to unassigned Dutch and Czech culture without deleting Home and Search Page.

Please help !!!!!!!!


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Nicholas Beichley answered on March 11, 2014 17:10


Thank you for your message.

That error message occurs when you try to delete a culture from a website when it has pages in this culture. The only way to remove the Czech and Dutch culture would be to delete the pages in this culture. This does not involve deleting the actual page for all cultures, only that of these cultures. To accomplish this, just go into the specified culture you're wanting to delete and try and delete each page that has been created for it. As long as you do not check the box next to "Delete all culture versions of the specified document", the document will only be deleted in this culture. So only after you go through and delete all the pages for these cultures you no longer want will you be able to remove the cultures from your site.

Best Regards,

Nicholas Beichley

Junior Support Engineer

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