The partial view 'FormComponents/_GuidFieldComponent' was not found

Paul Perez asked on December 12, 2023 17:48

Hi all, I'm getting the following error message in our GUID Field for our forms under Forms > Form Builder : GUID Field: The form component could not be loaded. This form will be hidden on the live site until the issue is resolved. Error rendering view for 'GuidFieldComponent' component. See the event log for more information.

Any Idea? this is what I see in the event log : Message: The partial view 'FormComponents/_GuidFieldComponent' was not found. The following locations were searched: /FormComponents/_GuidFieldComponent.cshtml /Pages/KenticoFormBuilderPropertiesPanel/FormComponents/_GuidFieldComponent.cshtml /Pages/Shared/FormComponents/_GuidFieldComponent.cshtml

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ziyad sv answered on December 16, 2023 22:37 (last edited on December 16, 2023 22:39)

Am also facing the same Issue but on ViewComponent

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