Submitting Campaign Email Programmatically

Kolby Sisk asked on November 6, 2015 06:19

I want to send a specific campaign email out to the subscribers when a button is clicked. How would I go about doing that?


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Timothy Fenton answered on November 6, 2015 16:22

Hello Kolby

You should be able to just do the following:

// Get the issue that needs to be sent from the issueid
IssueInfo issue = IssueInfoProvider.GetIssueInfo(IssueID);
// Create the Sender
IssueSender issueSender = new IssueSender(issue);
// Schedule the issue to be sent
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Kolby Sisk answered on November 6, 2015 23:40

Thanks Timothy

The only thing I needed to add was:

var IssueID = EmailQueueManager.GenerateDynamicIssue(newsletterID);

to create a new issue.

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