Strange hash tag added to every URL on website

Giuliano L asked on May 4, 2014 23:01

Hi, I just launched a new website for my client. They already had existing Kentico CMS for old website so so I built a new website on dev server, and after everything was done, migrated all to live server. It's running on Kentico 6.0.4416.

Everything on the website is functional there are no issues, but I noticed that every time page is open from the menu, or from content link, after few moments this hash tag is added to url #.U2cKZfldWhs. Every page url will get this same hash tag few moments after page is fully loaded.

I check development server and this problem doesn't exist there. I don't know exact moment when this issue happened first time but I assume something went wrong in CMS when I imported documents from developments server.

I would appreciate if someone could shed some light on this issue and possibly suggest solution which doesn't involve re-importing and setting up whole website again.


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Giuliano L answered on May 4, 2014 23:49

Found the issue.

It was AddThis plugin adding that tag to every url. Just wanted to share with others if you find yourself in similar situation.

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