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merav tg asked on May 5, 2016 15:55


where can i find more information on how to develop analyzers for other languages?

thank you


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Chetan Sharma answered on May 5, 2016 16:08


Did you check on Lucene's website that Lucene does not have what you are looking for? Which would be less of case here.

Stemming makes use of Porter's stemmer algorithm to figure out stems of words. I am sure you are already aware of what stemming is. Considering you need to implement your own stemmer for the targeted language extending logic of Porter stemmer's algorithm for English.

You can find the base alogorithm here

This implementation is in java so you may have to some extra effort to conver to C# and then integrate this analyzer into kentico and build your index using this analyzer during indexing process.

Does this hlep you? Let me know.

Thanks, Chetan

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merav tg answered on May 8, 2016 11:40


the link you provide is how this works in English, each language has its own logic to stem. the point of Java and C# is important information.

thank you

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