Start Calendar at first event in "query"

CZS CZS asked on January 27, 2015 03:48

We are using the Booking Event module and are representing these events via the EventCalendar web part. We would like the calendar to default to the first event in the filtered set. How would we do this?

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Virgil Carroll answered on January 27, 2015 14:38

Do you mean you want that to show as the first day on the calendar? Or default to that day being selected?

If it's the 2nd, are you trying to show the details of the event? If so you will either need to duplicate the EventCalendar web part and extended it programmatically or you could set the detail view to show the first event (assuming you are using a repeater) and then some JavaScript to select that day in the calendar.

If this wasn't helpful, feel free to provide some more information to help clarify what you are looking to do.

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