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Adam Gitin asked on July 10, 2016 13:47


Got this great "Infinite Scroll / Lazy Load Repeater (SEO Friendly)" wokring with repeaters.

Anyone get it to work on SMART SEARCH RESULTS webpart?

To go around that we created a custom smart search data source that connected to repeater,

but having issues with GetSearchValue. Works only in preview mode, on live site works on first page load and LOAD MORE return a NULL on GetSearchValue(NodeGUID).

Looks like trying to get data from cache not working (as in preview mode it always works,a no cache environment).

Any ideas?


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Laura Frese answered on July 11, 2016 17:56

Hi Adam. Without looking at the code for your custom data source it may be difficult to figure out why it is not working. The lazy load repeater works by doing an ajax call to the next pages & pulling in the html from that page into the existing page. There is a good explanation on how it works on the associated blog post . You might be able to use the same logic for the smart search web part - just do an ajax call to page 2, 3, etc & pull in the html.

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