Smart Search index fails to update for Uni Selector fields

Tom Troughton asked on July 2, 2015 18:16

In a fully hotfixed Kentico 8.2 I have a smart search index set up and can observe that changing certain document fields (e.g document name) triggers the index to update.

However, other fields on the same documents don't seem to update the index, even when marked as Content in the page type's Search tab. This seems to be common for Uni Selector fields.

Is this expected behaviour? If so, why? And is there a way to trigger an index update programmatically?

I guess I could programmatically trigger a rebuild of the entire index, but I'd prefer just to update for the changed document. (I assume that's the difference between index update and rebuild? The former just updates a specific document?)

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Tom Troughton answered on July 3, 2015 10:17

This turned out to be an oversight on my part. I hadn't re-built the index since changing the page type's Search field settings. Doing this resolved the problem.

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