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Digital Team asked on November 8, 2016 16:15


I've set up a Smart Search Page with a Dialog, Result & a filter.

I have following query filter values: ['+JobStatus', VALUE, NAME FROM TABLE]. The Search Index is User Type (List of users) Everything works fine, but the filters aren't. I have added a customfield in the user module called 'JobStatus'.

Could it be that the filters just work for doc types?


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Digital Team answered on November 8, 2016 16:28

I'm trying using General Search Index and making the 'JobStatus' field searchable, but still no luck.

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on November 8, 2016 16:51

Not quite sure that I understand what you asking. If you want filter search results make sure that this field exists (I assume this JobStatus) in your index. if you go to yourPagetype/search fields/JobStatus - searchible is checked. You can test search results with out filter part by adding condition like +jobstatus: "somestatus" just to see if changes anything.

And then if you are using filter the query should be something like SELECT 'jobstatus',JobStatus, JobStatusDisplayName FROM YourCustom_JobStatusTable c (NOLOCK) ORDER BY JobStatusDisplayName

P.S. You have to make sure that field with the name jobstatus exist in your index. you can use lukeall to browse Lucene indexes and make sure that the field is there.

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