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Farah El Agha asked on November 7, 2017 12:10

hi, lets say I have this hierarchy in my project:

1.0 FirstParentFolder

1.1 2017

1.1.1 First Child Folder 1.1.2 Second Child Folder

1.2 2010

2.0 Second Parent Folder

2.1 2016

2.2 2009


I have a smart search result that is returning results from anywhere within the website, but I want to build a smart search filter dropdownlist that contains the pages names, is it possible to filter the search results by page names?

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Dragoljub Ilic answered on November 7, 2017 13:43 (last edited on November 7, 2017 14:20)

Hi Farah,

There is a several ways how you can do that. Easiest will be to use conditional filters. In the case of conditional filters, define one option per line in format:

Index field name;Value of the field;Displayed text

You can check more on this link in documentation.

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