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Wei Wang asked on November 9, 2020 18:29


I am unable to figure out this strange behavior for two days so I like to get some help from here. We use YellowDog software for our online products. The scheduled task imports product information from Yellowdog daily. So in the product SKU we have some custom fields for YellowDog settings. One field "YDImageURL" is suppose to store image URL. So after the task run, the field is populated with the S3 Amazon storage URL link correctly, which I can tell from the database.

But the strange thing happened. When I check on Kentico CMS desk, the YDIMageURL does NOT grab the correct value from the database. If I manually update the value from CMS desk, it will change in the backend database. Just cannot retrieve value from database. Doesn't really make any sense. We use Kentico 11.

thanks Wei Wang

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David te Kloese answered on November 10, 2020 13:17


Few questions that might help us help you:

  • how do you set these fields in the Scheduled task?
  • Could you past that code snippet?
  • Are you updating anything on the node as well?
  • Do you have versioning or any Work Flow configured?
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