SKU products not working?!!

Faisal Alsugair asked on October 13, 2014 20:07


I try to add new product page as first time in Corporate Site, I want to share the steps that I do to know what happen after that: 1- I go to page app then click on (Products) then click (+). 2- I click on (Page (menu item)) and created the page successfully. 3- I click on the new product to create sub-product then click (+). 4- I created the new sub-products and sure I selected new SKU (recommended).

The issue: I show in new sub-products page under Form the message: This page is configured to be a product, however, it is not connected with any SKU yet. Use the action below to bind an SKU to the page.

I click on the (Create new or assign exiting SKU) but after save the system return to the (Form) without change any thing!!

I tried many time but still same issue that happen, also the photo not appear.!!

Please advise... Thanks

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Ivana Liptakova answered on October 31, 2014 12:09


it is difficult to answer you question without seeing your site. Could you please provide the access on your site an send it directly to

Best regards,

Ivana Tomanickova

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Faisal Alsugair answered on October 31, 2014 17:07


I don't have support contract with Kentico. So if you have option of solution for my issue please let me know.


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