Site showing incorrect Title, different from the Meta data submitted

Juan Casado asked on December 22, 2018 20:35

Hello guys, firstly sorry for my english

Hope you can help me.

I'm having trouble with the SERP results of my homepage. I have a desktop and a movile version of it. Even if I use the same mata data (title and description), in the movile site the meta title that I submitted doesn't shows. This is the movile site, and as I said, it uses exactly the same meta data that the desktop version:

Here: is a screenshot of the metadata I use on both versions. This situation is very confusing, as you can see when you open the movile version of the website it shows "CLC Móvil", and only the desktop version shows the correct info.

Asking in Google webmaster forums they said that is because the metadata is in ANSI and the charset is set in UTF-8, but if that were correct, it should also apply to the desktop version and that doesn't happen. I would really appreciate any kind of help, because this is messing with the search results on Google.

Thanks a lot

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Jan Hermann answered on December 23, 2018 11:20

Check what is your configuration for the page title in the Settings -> Content -> Page title format setting.

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Harper George answered on December 24, 2018 18:33

Check what jan Hermann has said if this doesn't work then tell me I'll be able to help you.

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