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Tom Troughton asked on March 9, 2015 12:11


I'm curious, if I wanted to add a page in Kentico which functioned as a single-page app controlled with hashes in the URL (similar to Google AJAX SEO advice here), the only issue I envisage is that I'd have a single page where meta-content (keywords, description etc) would need to be pulled in from other content, dynamic based on the URL. Anyone know if this is possible?

So to summarise, on page load I need to examine the URL and update the page's meta tags based on properties of the URL.


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Virgil Carroll answered on March 9, 2015 14:20

If you put the other content needed below the page as a different page type, you could roll up all the content and display on the single page using the repeater control. Using that, you could then write the correct transformations to modify the URLs as needed and add the correct metadata tags.

If that isn't an option, you could do this behind the scenes possibly using the related pages and write a query to pull the data you needed from that, show in a repeater and transform there.

There are some limited parser capabilities in transformations using macros, but you can also use C# if you need to parse things better.

Hope this at least points you in the right direction. This should be possible to do with one of the above methods, but feel free to share more if you need more help.

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