ShoppingCartCustomData becoming OrderCustomData

Bart Lewandowski asked on August 2, 2018 12:43

Hi, I want to allow customer to specify their own order number and delivery date. I thought I will use ShoppingCartCustomData to store it. That works well. Form fields are autoupdating and populating the ShoppingCart table. The problem is when I want to transfer that data to order. I assumed that like all other data it is just copied from ShoppingCart to Order during the checkout routine. No such luck. The Order field comes as empty. I could write a macro on confirmation page to copy the data from one to another, but at that stage the shopping cart does not exist anymore. I was trying to find some documentation on that (am I doing something wrong like XML formatting or something?) - no luck either. Can somebody shed some light on the process?

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Suneel Jhangiani answered on August 2, 2018 16:53

The ShoppingCartInfo.ShoppingCartCustomData should get stored in the OrderInfo.OrderCustomData and hence you should be accessing it from that.

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