Shipping & Payment Methods

Les Girvan asked on June 22, 2022 17:53

Hi Guys,

Many years ago, pre v9, I think, was an option to match a shipping option to a payment method on the ecommerce store config settings. However, that was changed in a later version and now you cannot match the shipping and payment methods in the store config.

I have a client who has shipping options:

  1. Post
  2. Next Day
  3. Pay and collect from store

and with payment options:

  1. Credit/debit Card
  2. Pay Pal
  3. Pay by PayPal and collect in Store
  4. Pay by Credit/Debit & Collect in store

So want if the user selects either shipping option 1, post they are only presented with payments options 1 & 2, but if they chose shipping option 3, pay and collect in store, they only see payment options 3 & 4.

I was looking in the shipping and payment option selectors web parts to see if we could have a WHERE condition that would allow the selections to show as required, but also considering the visibility setting if this would work, for which I assume I would need to add multiple web parts for shipping and payments and what impact that would have if multiple web parts where added?

Ideally I would like this to be configurable via the web parts, without have to modify the underlying code.

Thanks in advance

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