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Stefan Sturm asked on September 4, 2015 15:55


i've created a template containing multiple "Editable Text" webparts. I've set the "Editable region type" to "HTML Editor" and the "HTML editor toolbar location" property to "Shared toolbar" for each webpart.

Now the toolbar only reacts to the first editable region?!

What i have done so far: Cleared Cash Checked the webpart ID's (all are unique)

Some suggestions?

regards st

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Stefan Sturm answered on September 7, 2015 11:00


Unchecking the Shared toolbar did not work for me. I followed Maarten van den Hoven suggestion and on the other instance it worked well. So after testing alot i found the problem.

In my case i am using a ASPX + Portal Page template which looks like:

<asp:Content ID="Content1" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolderMain" runat="Server">
    <cms:CMSPagePlaceholder ID="plcZones" runat="server" 

First i thought the webpart IDs are unique because i checked all web parts and also i checked the web parts configuration displayed at the "Template" section. This was my mistake!

I was able to slove the problem with the ClientIDMode attribute for the CMSPagePlaceHolder.

<cms:CMSPagePlaceholder ID="plcZones" runat="server" ClientIDMode="AutoID">

Now its working. Thanks for your time.


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Maarten van den Hooven answered on September 4, 2015 16:01 (last edited on September 4, 2015 16:17)

It sounds that it is ok what you did so it seems like an bug!

On what Kentico version and hotfix are you running?

What I always do is try to reproduce it in clean install with the latest hotfix in order to rule out if that it not is an bug.

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Laura Frese answered on September 4, 2015 18:21

Have you tried unchecking Shared toolbar? The shared toolbar is always visible at the top no matter which editable region you are editing. Personalizing the editor toolbars and buttons

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