Setting up Groups, the GetGroupProfileUrl method is returning the site's home page

Rich S asked on June 21, 2017 21:32

Working in Kentico 10, I am setting up a straightforward Groups section that is, basically, an exact copy of the sample Community Site's Groups section. The only real difference is that we've changed the section label to Subnets.

Anywhere the site is trying to generate links to the individual Group home pages, the link actually ends up pointing at the overall site home page. So, where the URL should be "" the actual URL I'm getting is "".

The actual method is GetGroupProfileUrl(), being called from the "Community.Transformations.GroupsList" Transformation. I get the feeling the method is failing, and throwing back the default home page link to avoid an actual exception ... however, can't find the source code, nor any solid documentation on what is going on inside the black box.

Any ideas? Thanx in advance.

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Rich S answered on June 22, 2017 15:54

Thanks Zachary,

Your answer wasn't exactly the solution, but it did steer me in the right direction.

There are default Groups path/route values in Kentico's Admin -> Settings -> Community settings, that I needed to override, to match the page/template locations I adopted from the sample "Community" site.

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Zach Perry answered on June 21, 2017 21:54

Are you using this URL on the page for the group?

Looks like that method requires the community context. The context is evaluated by groupid in the querystring or by group owner of the current document.

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