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Daniel Main asked on October 20, 2022 00:13


We are migrating our QuitLogix sites from V12 to V13 and have a wonderful opportunity to make some sweeping changes to how the original developer laid things out.

However I am now wondering if the way we are starting is the best, So I come to the experts to hopefully give me some insight.

We have a suite of sites that all use pretty much the same content with a few tweaks here and there, most of said tweaks are handled via Macros. With the current layout, each sites page would house a copy of the content and we would have to make changes if the default content would need to be changed, this would need to be done to some 30-60 sites.

Now my idea is to use resource strings to house default copies of the content (content templates if you will). The only issue I am running into here is that as the Localization has no Rich Text Editor, a normal editor may not be able to edit the content.

So am I on the right track here, or am I trying to use the Resource strings for something they were never meant to do?

If you would like to get an example of the scope, here are a few of the sites:

Thanks in advance.

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Jeroen Fürst answered on November 22, 2022 13:02

Hi Daniel,

I would not use resource strings for this purpose. Like you mentioned changing it to support WYSIWYG is quite challenging and I would not prefer to make modifications to Kentico.

There are a couple of directions that I would consider. One would be to leverage Linked pages and for example create a folder in the content tree that contains all the original items.

In the case that you would require Page builder widgets then you might find it useful to look at the Shareable content feature in:

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jeroen

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