Sending Language Data Source to popup window

Ilya Buzytsky asked on May 20, 2016 07:47

Hi, in Kentico 9 documentation is described how to link Language Data Source to the drop-down menu of available languages. What if I want to have a more fancy control with the same list of available languages, say a right-click popup window. My understanding from reading Q&A, the only way to create a popup window is via javascript Web Part attached to the page. But how can I send the list of languages to the javascript Web Part? Thanks, Evgeny

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Chetan Sharma answered on May 20, 2016 12:14 (last edited on May 20, 2016 12:14)

Hi One way to do so would be to crating your markup in a hidden parent div and on click of your language selector it will appear on the window.

I use Foundation CSS frameowork. You may use Foundation reveal to accomplish this. You can have control on your HTML markup in your transformations.

Thanks, Chetan

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