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Kàren Vaganyan asked on September 12, 2016 22:54

When using the Email Marketing application in Kentico and configuring the automatic mail send out, is there a way to have the subscriber email address be sent as a BCC rather than just TO. We have an email group with a lot of users in it and we do not want those users to appear in everyone’s TO field once they receive an email. Perhaps some sort of class or method that need to be adjusted to have that sort of functionality?


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Richard Sustek answered on September 13, 2016 08:20

From what I've seen in source there seems to be no easy way of doing this unfortunately. However I'm not sure if sending all e-mails in BCC is really a good idea anyway. What I think might be the best way to resolve your issue is to actually generate a single subscriber for each of your "To" addresses. If you have more e-mail addresses in "TO" address, then why not parse this and create new subscriber for each?

If you could let me know in more detail where you store the e-mail addresses and how, I can look up a way how to generate new subscribers out of that.

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Kàren Vaganyan answered on September 13, 2016 18:08

We are setting up a weekly digest of internal staff news on our staff intranet. We have an exchange email group called ActiveStaff that all employees are a part of, and we want to BCC this group on the automatically scheduled send of the digest, instead of subscribing every employee separately (we have 3000+ employees at this time).

Let me know if that helps. Thanks!

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Kàren Vaganyan answered on March 28, 2017 22:08

In case anyone else is looking for a similar functionality, what I ended up doing is targeting the EmailInfo.TYPEINFO.Events.Insert.Before global event and attaching a handler to it to use the ‘To’ field as the ‘Bcc’ field.

public override void Init()
    EmailInfo.TYPEINFO.Events.Insert.Before += Email_Insert_Before;

private void Email_Insert_Before(object sender, ObjectEventArgs e)
    var email = e.Object as EmailInfo;
    email.EmailBcc = email.EmailTo;
    email.EmailTo = "";

My only concern is the performance of this set up. I imagine in the case of email marketing where it sends out many copies of an email, it could get quite slow. Any ideas on the performance of this and how could I improve it if it is slow?

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