Search results "All Words" and "Exact Phrase" yield no results?

Michael Purgar asked on August 24, 2016 17:31

Hi everyone -

I'm trying to modify a search box to tweak the results. But it seems if I change the "Any Words" setting to "All Words" or "Exact Phrase", the search turns up zero results - even on a one-word search. The same search under Any works fine however. So "billing" under Any Words brings up a page of results, but "Billing" under All Words brings up zero results. Am I missing something obvious?

Running Kentico version 8.2.48 if that matters. Thanks in advance!

  • Mike Purgar

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Richard Sustek answered on August 24, 2016 17:45

Hey Mike,

What kind of Search analyzer are you using for your Smart search index? The search analyzer is responsible for creating "tokens" and it basically determins what results you get for what keywords. Can you try going to Smart search -> Your index -> General tab and use e.g. the "Subset" analyzer and rebuild the index? Also - what happens when you use the search preview? Do you get proper results?

You can find some more information about the analyzer types here

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Michael Purgar answered on August 25, 2016 21:14

Hi Richard -

I went to the Search Index being used, it originally had the Standard analyzer and the Search Preview seemed to be bringing up the expected results across all search modes. I did as you recommended, switching to the Subset and rebuilding the index. It doesn't appear to have any effect on the search on the site, still getting no results on any search other than "Any Word", even if it works in the Search Preview. Nothing in the Web Part settings seem to jump out as an issue.

I'll continue to experiment with the other settings, but still looking for ideas. I very much appreciate the response though!

  • Mike Purgar
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