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Rob Blankers asked on July 22, 2016 17:37

We are using Kentico 9 MVC. We have 4 environments INT, TEST, UAT, PROD We are using MS VSO for build and release management of our MVC projects.

I would like to package an artifact representing the "state of Kentico" (as it relates to page types) with each release package generated by VSO. I think the best way to generate the package is through the Export Site functionality to create a zip file that gets packaged with the release.

This would allow for the promotion or rollback of any environment to the snapshot "state of Kentico"

Is there a way to programaticly initiate import/export functions.
For example - export from INT into package and each "release" then imports to the next environment.


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Brian McKeiver answered on July 24, 2016 05:24

Hi Rob,

Right now there is no automatic import / export package generator "in-the-box" for a certain set of changes that represent the "state of Kentico", other than what the Export objects UI gives in the Sites app. You can however use the Kentico API to programmatically generate export packages, but that code is up to you do.

My team and I are actually working on a tool to handle sync'ing changes between environments part of our Compare for Kentico. It's not quite out yet, but you might want to check out Compare and signup for our newsletter to know when it is available.


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Kelly Kerns answered on July 25, 2016 18:33

Brian; Thanks for the answer. I wasn't asking if there was out of the box functionality, I know that I can import/export through the UI, I was just looking for a way to do this programatically, but I think you answered the question.

It can be done through the API.


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