Run live site scheduled task on click of a button

Lea Lebonski asked on March 23, 2021 15:22

Hi there,

so I am back with yet more questions. :-) I now have a scheduled task which runs comfortably and imports excel data into the custom table at regular intervals. However, I want to give the customer opportunity to download the excel file and import it from the live site. I know how to run the tasks from live site on schedule but wondered if I can run it on click of a button other than replicating the ftp dwnload/excel/sql import in controller.



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Dmitry Bastron answered on March 23, 2021 15:29

Hi Lea,

It's pretty straightforward, please refer to the API example of this.

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Lea Lebonski answered on March 23, 2021 15:39

Aaa... how did I not find this? Thanks Dmitry... once again, you are immensely helpful. I promise I will dig deeper next time... I keep forgetting about the API examples...



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