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Pankaj Gupta asked on July 5, 2014 10:39


We are facing some issue after we set up the routing url for all the pages in the Kentico CMSDesk. Please find below the url and credentials to access the Kentico site. URL-: *** UID-: *** Password-: *** The issues that we are facing after url routing are mentioned below:- 1) Search in submenu pages stop working. 2) Email signup page and contact us form stop working

Please have a look into these issues and guide us what we have done wrong in this? Thanks in advance.

PS :- If you need the company that holds the Kentico 7 license is Company Name - ***

Version: 7.0 Hotfix version: 7.0.34

Development model: ? URL of the web site (if available on-line): *** Screenshot: scr.png

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Jim Spillane answered on July 5, 2014 11:32

Pankaj, this is a public facing website, you might want to change your password.

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Jan Hermann answered on July 7, 2014 02:58

Please contact us on I have removed those credentials from your post.

Best regards,
Jan Hermann

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