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merav tg asked on May 29, 2016 17:14


I have added a new culture to my website and it is right to left (in appose to the original left to right culture). I want to mirror the page templates and page layouts (maybe also the CSS:) ), is it possible in Kentico? for example: I added the new language and now when I click on a product page I have an option to copy the page which I do - because i don't want to lose the data of the product. BUT the page template and layout is all left to right, I don't want to have different web parts per culture I only want it to be mirrored.

Please advise, thank you

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Daniel Merta answered on May 31, 2016 14:12


it's possible. Kentico supports right-to-left languages. You just need to add right-to-left specific CSS style modifications to the stylesheet. Have you seen the following article from our documentation? I think it should answer your question.

Support for right-to-left languages

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