Resource 'CMS.Reporting' is not available on the current site

Andy Bochmann asked on August 3, 2019 04:14


I recently updated my Kentico MVC installation to Kentico 12 SP and just noticed that the Store Reports are not working anymore. I'm not 100% that it's related to the SP, but I remember them working earlier.

The Dashboard shows up, but as soon as I click any of the individual report I get: Access denied Resource 'CMS.Reporting' is not available on the current site.

There is no error in the Event Log and I'm logged in as Global Administrator.

Thanks, Andy

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Andy Bochmann answered on August 3, 2019 04:17

Nevermind, I've found the issue.

I had to go to the Modules Application, find the Reporting module and add it to my site.

Thanks, Andy

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