Required the Widget RegisterWidget("") name of "Form" and "WYSIWYG Editor Atlas"

pankaj saxean asked on November 21, 2022 11:29

Hi Team,

Currently I'm working on the widget permission part in kentico 12. There are more the 50 widget which we developed, and as per the documentation we will allow the widget to pass the widget array on the @Html.Kentico().EditableArea("area24", allowedWidgets: WidgetHelper.WidgetListRecords()).

So question is need to know the RegisterWidget name of the "Form" and "Wysiwyg", currently these only 2 widget which are not show in the widget area reason I'm not allow the widget so need the name so I'll allow it.

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pankaj saxean answered on November 21, 2022 12:00

Hi Team, I have found my answer for the WYSIWYG Editor the register widget name is "Kentico.Widget.RichText" and for Form its a "Kentico.FormWidget"

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