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Sherry Collins asked on June 22, 2015 23:01

We have taken the Intranet Portal that comes with kentico and are customizing it. There is a Workgroups Section that we renamed Team-Up. On our Team-up home page we are listing all the teams the user belongs to and all the teams available. When the user clicks on his/her Team Name it should evaluate the GroupName and open a page called Team-Up/Marketing.aspx.

I believe this is the offending markup

<h3><a href="<%# GetGroupProfileUrl(Eval("GroupName",true)) %>" title="<%# Eval("GroupDisplayName",true) %>"><%# HTMLEncode(LimitLength(Eval("GroupDisplayName",true), 70, "...")) %></a></h3>

When I click on the Team Name it tries to open a page called Workgroups/Marketing.aspx. It looks like the GetGroupProfileUrl is returning Workgroups. Is there some way I can get it repointed to Team-Up. I have had to make the change in several other places but they were easy to find. This one is not.

Any help is appreciated.

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Joshua Adams answered on June 23, 2015 19:27 (last edited on June 23, 2015 19:29)

Inside of the binding, you could do a function to replace the value that it produces and go to your custom page. The markup should look similar to this:

<h3><a href="<%# GetGroupProfileUrl(Eval("GroupName",true)).ToString().ToLower().Replace("workgroups/marketing.aspx","Team-Up/Marketing.aspx") %>" </h3>

That should produce the correct results I would imagine. Just make sure the string you are replacing matches what the href is producing currently and you should be good.

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