Replicate "You can create a new culture version of the page by copying content from another language

Sylvain C. asked on November 19, 2021 15:55


Using Xperience 13.0.48, I am trying to replicate "the creation of new culture version of an existing by copying the page" In the situation, my initial page in English contains an attachment in a "File" field. It works fine in the admin UI, I retrieve the same attachment in both versions (English & Spanish).

But when I try to do the same by using the API:

TreeNode page = tree.SelectNodes()

if (page != null)

The culture version in Spanish of my page is correctly created, with all fields being copied except that my attachment in my File field is empty... What did I miss?

Thank you


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Sylvain C. answered on November 19, 2021 19:38

Ok, I was able to make it work by changing parameters of NewCultureDocumentSettings:

DocumentHelper.InsertNewCultureVersion(new NewCultureDocumentSettings(ENDocPage,"es-ES")
                                    ClearAttachmentFields = false,                                                                   
                                    CopyAttachments = true                                    

Hope it would help someone.


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