Registration of the inline editor 'wysiwyg-editor' failed.

Ivan Louw asked on May 13, 2020 00:16

Hi, We have recently upgrade for version 12 to the latest hotfix. We have 3 environments Dev, STAGE and PROD. All the environments run on SQL server 16 and Windows Server 2016.

After the code and sql upgrade everything worked fine in the dev environment, but after migrating the code base and rerunning the sql script in Stage we started getting the following error on any page with a wysiwyg “Registration of the inline editor 'wysiwyg-editor' failed.". This Does not log a event or error on the server event log or in the Kentico event viewer.

The problem seems to be database related.

I compared the code bases between the dev and stage environments and found only minor config changes. When I copied the code base from the dev environment to the stage environment, I still get the error. When I point my stage environment to the dev sql db, I do not get this error. When I restore the dev db in the stage sql server I get the error. When I restore the stage db on the dev sql server I do not get this error.

It seems to be something on the stage sql server, but because there is not error logs, I cannot trace the problem. Any Idea ow to fix this?

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Dmitry Bastron answered on May 13, 2020 13:01

Hi Ivan,

Run the following select on Dev and STAGE dbs and compare the results:

SELECT [KeyName], [KeyValue]
FROM [CMS_SettingsKey]
WHERE [KeyName] in ('CMSDataVersion', 'CMSDBVersion', 'CMSHotfixDataVersion', 'CMSHotfixVersion')

If they are different, then there might have been issues with SQL patches you installed.

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Ivan Louw answered on May 14, 2020 02:08

Hi Dmitry, No the same in both my development and stage environment. Here is the result. CMSDataVersion 12.0 CMSDBVersion 12.0 CMSHotfixDataVersion 63 CMSHotfixVersion 63

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