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Gustavo Quevedo asked on July 15, 2020 13:16


I'm working on a Kentico 12 MVC multilingual site that displays all categories created.

I know that I need to use resource strings for the translations and I can even create them from the "Categories" application in Kentico.

However, I can't find any link between the category and the resource string.

Let's assume that editors create new categories and new resource strings for them.

  • Do we have to trust they will follow a convention with the resource keys to display the translated category names in the site?
  • Is there a reference anywhere so we can know what resource string was created to be used by a particular category?

Thanks in advance!



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Dmitry Bastron answered on July 15, 2020 18:19

Hi Gustavo,

This reference is stored in CMS_Category database table in CategoryDisplayName column. If the category name isn't translated then this column will contain just display name (e.g. "My Category"). If it is translated, instead it will contain resource key, e.g. "{$custom.MyCategory$}". Basically, you can check the format in this column, if it matches the localization macro pattern - then there it is!

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Gustavo Quevedo answered on July 15, 2020 18:37

Great! Thanks Dmitry

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