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Antonio Developer asked on July 4, 2017 09:58

Hello everybody

Iam still stuck on my custom gateway provider and need help in my last steps: I built a Dummy PaymentService (ascx) and display some Paymentdata like name of buyer, Total price and order ID. On this page. I can fake a "Payment Completed" with a button click. After click I will give Kentico the Notification that the payment was successful and redirect the user to a Thankyou Page.

I tried the following code after my URLHelper.Redirect in ProcessPayment():

this.PaymentResult.PaymentIsCompleted = true;

But Kentico still displays that the Order is not paid.. How can I do this? Iam confused with the Payment Notification Page and PaymentResults..


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Anton Grekhovodov answered on July 4, 2017 12:09

Have you created statuses for orders? I think you need to add some statuses like New, Payment Failed and Payment received and populate this.PaymentResult.PaymentStatusValue property with Payment received status

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on July 4, 2017 16:43

You should start here: It is made for version 7, but it is valid. Some methods probably have changes but the principle is the same. You can download the example code as well.

Kentico has a default PN page for paypal \CMS\CMSModules\Ecommerce\CMSPages\PayPalIPN.aspx.cs You can find the PN example on GitHub It should give you the idea how to work with paymentinfo.

If you want to make a redirect inside process payment method:

                // Redirect using javascript 
                var paymentGatewayUrl = "your url";
                ScriptHelper.RegisterClientScriptBlock(PaymentDataForm.Page, typeof(string), "", "<script type='text/javascript'>window.onload = function(){ window.document.forms[0].action='" + paymentGatewayUrl + "';window.document.forms[0].submit(); }; </script>");
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