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ibrahim alsadhan asked on January 10, 2019 12:44

Hi all,

my problem that I have online kentico website . and it have domain name . and now i have new project on new server with new public IP without domain name .

IS it possible to make my domain redirect and rewrite my url

for example : ( kentico website ) publicIP/website ( my new website ) ( will be redirect and rewrite URL to that server)

Note these two server not in same place at all two different environment

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David te Kloese answered on January 10, 2019 14:04

I'd use IIS rewrite module.

Not tested but you'll end up with something like

<rule name="redirect" enabled="true" stopProcessing="false">
   <match url="(.*)" />
      <add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="" />
   <action type="Redirect" url="{R:1}" redirectType="Permanent" />
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