Rearranging CMSApp, CMSApp_MVC, and CMSApp_AppCode projects

Bryan Drenner asked on July 17, 2014 17:32

A standard installation of Kentico 8 contains an unconventional arrangement of three projects: CMSApp, CMS_AppCode, and CMSApp_MVC. Although all three are web application projects, only one is actually supposed to run. They all coexist in the same directory, with all of their files mixed together in the file system. In Solution Explorer, if you click "Show All Files" on one project, it shows you all the files from all the projects - within a single project. I would like to change this arrangement to something more conventional.

Basically I want to unify CMSApp and CMSApp_MVC into a single web application project, which depends on a supporting project akin to CMSApp_AppCode but located in a separate directory.

Does Kentico support rearranging the projects in this manner? Are there any gotchas that I might encounter in the long run?

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Christian Nickel answered on July 17, 2014 19:52

This is more of a Visual Studio organization method, and yes Visual Studio supports it. Simply remove the projects CMSApp_AppCode and CMSApp_MVC from your solution, and in your CMSApp project add all the hidden files. This method is exactly how the older Kentico projects were setup.

Though I will warn you, your builds will take MUCH longer. The benefit to using the separated projects is that you'll get shorter build times if you're only adding code in CMSApp_AppCode and CMSApp_MVC.

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