Querying BizForms

Fahad Ahmed asked on November 2, 2018 06:31

Hi , I need to get the field names in my form. Currently the situation is that I have:

  BizFormInfo formObject = BizFormInfoProvider.GetBizFormInfo(formname,KenticoContext.Current.CurrentSiteName);

But I'm not able to see the form fields , the problem is that I am not using the generated class for the form , am trying to make something dynamic so the fileds in the forms could be parsed. Currently I am not able to get a old of the fields in the form, am I missing something .Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks ,


Correct Answer

Fahad Ahmed answered on November 2, 2018 06:38

I got the fields, it was really simple,

List<CMS.FormEngine.FormFieldInfo> fields= formObject.Form.GetFields(true,true,true,false,true);

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