Pulling forward Data From the Attachment Page Type Selector

Matthew Hudock asked on September 15, 2021 15:36

Hi All,

I was trying to follow along with the documentation on using the Attachments Page Type Field however I did not have any success pulling forward the data that was put into that field. Was wondering if someone could guide me on how to display data from the Attachment field type on pages? We are using Kentico 13 MVC.

Thank you!

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Dmitry Bastron answered on September 16, 2021 06:37

Hi Matthew,

Have you gone through this documentation article explaining how to display page attachments? If so, could you explain what exactly is not working for you or you have difficulties with?

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Matthew Hudock answered on September 16, 2021 15:23

Hi Dmitry,

I have gone through the above documentation, and i guess where i'm struggling is figuring out where to put each piece of code in the documenation in the section regarding turning each attachment into a url to display on the page view.

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