Publishing Document - Object Not Set Error

Phillip Kirkland asked on April 24, 2014 16:31

We have a scheduled task process that updates a document's information as needed. The documents are using work flow. I have a certain document that every time I try to publish it I get the "Object not set..." error. I can check out and check in the document with no errors. I tried deleting the document and starting from scratch but still get the error.

Other documents are publishing fine with no errors though. I have compared the data between the document it processes immediately before and the one with the error and I cannot find any differences what so ever.

Has anyone ever ran into this with trying to publish documents using the API?

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Ashish Narnoli answered on April 25, 2014 05:16

Hi Phillip,

I have published documents under custom workflow using API.

Can you please specify the exact error message?

This Link might be helpful for you.

Best Regards! Ashish Narnoli

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Phillip Kirkland answered on April 25, 2014 09:21

Ashish - Thanks for the reply but am familiar with using the API. It is working properly but I have a specific document that it isn't working on and the error I'm getting is "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.". The problem is stepping through the code everything is set. The document immediately before and immediately after get updated and publish just fine.

I can check out the document, update the data and check it back in. When I go to publish the document is when I get the error.

We have looked at this and I was reaching out to see if anyone has ever experienced this before.

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