Product variant dependencies.

merav tg asked on March 14, 2016 15:49


I have created two Product options, I want to create dependency between the two so ONLY if i choose one option the second Product option appear. for example I have a T- shirt, I can choose it to have one color or two colors. if I choose two color automatically appears a new option to choose the second color. (if I choose only one I already have a color field).

please advise.

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Joshua Adams answered on March 14, 2016 16:19

Sounds like this would need some customization. One option could be to throw all possible options onto the page, and then control them through jquery or some server side code snippets. Otherwise, seems like a custom webpart would be needed. I would recommend a custom webpart over the other options as well, because is js is disabled on a persons browser, then that method won't work. Maybe start with cloning the shoppingcartitemselector control and setting some conditions for loading your product options.

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