Product Option Price Display

Sharon Parry asked on July 17, 2016 02:17


This is an older version 5.5R2 project, and there is no requirement at all from my client to upgrade the website.

A lot of new products are being added, and for all of them the actual total price is defined by the selected product option. ie, it's not an "added" cost - the cost of the selected option actually defines the cost of the product.

Just trying to figure out how to change the display of the price in the option dropdown. eg, rather than "Product (+ AU$132.00)" I want to display it as simply "Product - AU$132.00".

I can't find anywhere in the Visual Studio project files or database tables where the display format for the price is defined.

Is this at all possible with a version 5.5R2 project?

Thanks, Sharon

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